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As an independent recruitment organisation, we are well placed and structured to meet the recruitment and staffing challenges facing businesses as well as accommodating the interests of potential employees

TWVA staffing agency in South Africa recruits employees for any industry and discipline. We have extensive client networks and are a highly accessible recruitment agency. We have a solid track record in Engineering and Construction recruitment as well as staffing the Medical, IT, Telecommunications, Transport and Logistics Industry.

We find talent and skills far beyond the norm by doing deep rooted searches through networking, knowledge of the industry and having the ‘Service Mentality’ that goes hand in hand with delivery.

Our mission is to help our clients in the UAE, to source and hire the most qualified professionals and to provide those professionals with the best job opportunities in their respective fields. Our specialty focus and exposure to highly skilled professional communities enable employers to reach hard-to-find, experienced and qualified candidates.

As a high quality service provider our mission is to bring the highest standards of quality to our clients. TWVA has the ability to blend specialized local knowledge with international experience, recruiting skills, business knowledge, judgment and creativity.

Our focus is on providing a fast, effective, personal service for clients with high standards demanding high caliber candidates, properly screened & briefed, with expectations that meet the client’s objectives.

There are numerous opportunities for South Africans in one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world. For this reason, the city of Dubai remains the destination of choice for a large percentage of T W V A candidates.

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