An average candidate with a stronger CV gets better results than a superior candidate with a mediocre CV. Why is this so? The answer is very simple. Your CV reaches your prospective employers before you meet them and it takes about 30 seconds to scan it. So CV writing is a serious matter. It should not be taken casually. Your CV is all about YOU, your description, from where you belong, where you have been educated, where you have worked, your belief system, your strengths, your challenges, your inspirations, your dreams, and your career goals. Designing a CV should be loved, enjoyed, cherished, and treasured. It is a journey of self-discovery. Despite its importance, graduates take the least interest in writing a CV properly. Their CV’s are almost like an income tax proforma. If you want your CV to get noticed, stand out, and look different from everybody else, you will have to take some extraordinary steps to understand the logic behind it as well. Your CV should be according to the requirements of the job you are applying for. Your qualifications and experience should be relevant to specific job needs.

Your personal career ambitions are not the chief concerns of employers. Their primary focus is to find someone capable of doing the job. Instead of writing your career objective, provide a specific and highly condensed professional summary of qualifications, and expertise that can be of tremendous interest, and value for the employer. Some necessary ingredients of a CV should definitely be present but not limited to job history, achievements, value addition portfolio, mind-set, education, strengths, publications, and references, but to write a winning CV. Your CV must contain certain qualities. Firstly, it should look unique and tailored, never a canned or circular shape. Secondly, it should be like a strategic proposal not yesterday’s newspaper. It will differentiate you from other similarly qualified candidates. It must focus on those keywords which are current job market needs and employer’s requirements.

If you have applied for a job as an accountant, everybody knows what an accountant does. You must add, what were your achievements when you were in that position, how efficient were you and did you manage your time effectively! Accomplishments, success stories, and awards reflect your positive image and competence. Get your CV tailored from a professional recruitment CV writing service if you cannot draft it on your own. It will definitely improve the chances of more interview calls.

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